Thursday, December 31, 2015

good aim

Today at the park G got his new football stuck in a tree.  He was able to throw a foam bat like a spear and get it out (after I'd tried a few times...). 

When G was 2.5 he could throw a tennis ball into a basketball hoop consistently, or at least more often than I can shoot a basketball. 

It's nice playing catch with him because he actually throws it to you.  He's fun.

The boy who lived... in florida.

P gave G the HP series for the eve of his 11th birthday.  G finished them in ~6 days.  He also ate, slept, went to the beach 3 times, went to church, played computer every day, played with his brothers and sisters, and did his school work.  He's a fast reader.

On Christmas Eve, when P gave the first book to G, we all cried.  P showed G that the first chapter is called "The boy who lived" and said that G is our boy who lived.


I wanted to make jam, and like always, I realized I didn't have quite enough sugar.  Rather than go to the store I asked G to calculate ...