Saturday, June 20, 2009

With Love

Today we were decorating grandpa's present with the most cute writing of super guy G himself. I wrote out on a paper "I love Grandpa" and he copied that out even substituting some upper or lower case letters as he preferred. Then I drew a heart and told him to write out his name. Just for good measure I wrote it out for him on the paper so I would get all the letters in there.

He started to write "Fire" on the paper so I knew what was coming when he went to the gift and proceeded to write "Fire Truck" on the handle of the oversize fly swatter.

"I love Grandpa Love Fire Truck"

Oh yeah...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

All by myself

G did two things today all by himself and it was awesome.
I encourage him to help put away the utensils and he is usually reluctant, but then does it enthusiastically. Today I just left the tray out and when he went in the kitchen he jumped up and did it. Then he called out to us and said "myself!"

Shortly there after we were making cookies (which he frequently decides will be a good idea) and he cracked the egg all by himself. He use to not want to have anything to do with the egg. Then he would knock it with a spoon. Eventually he would put his hands over mine for the breaking part. Today he cracked it with a spoon and then took it over and broke it over the bowl. He got his hands in the white, but was so psyched that he had done it himself. I love it that he loves to be competent.


I wanted to make jam, and like always, I realized I didn't have quite enough sugar.  Rather than go to the store I asked G to calculate ...