Thursday, December 31, 2015

good aim

Today at the park G got his new football stuck in a tree.  He was able to throw a foam bat like a spear and get it out (after I'd tried a few times...). 

When G was 2.5 he could throw a tennis ball into a basketball hoop consistently, or at least more often than I can shoot a basketball. 

It's nice playing catch with him because he actually throws it to you.  He's fun.

The boy who lived... in florida.

P gave G the HP series for the eve of his 11th birthday.  G finished them in ~6 days.  He also ate, slept, went to the beach 3 times, went to church, played computer every day, played with his brothers and sisters, and did his school work.  He's a fast reader.

On Christmas Eve, when P gave the first book to G, we all cried.  P showed G that the first chapter is called "The boy who lived" and said that G is our boy who lived.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Super reader

This weekend G got to participate in a Zombie v. Humans event at UF.  He got to use nerf guns and run around.  I'm glad he got to have that experience since we don't have any projectile toys. 

Last month was Stake conference and G was in the children's choir.  He sort of read Ender's Game while he sat up there.  P feels that G skimmed some.  Maybe.  He's such an amazing kid.

He's turning 11 this year and we're going to let him start reading the HP series.  We have some strong feelings about appropriate content.  And it's been a little hard to make G wait until this year, because he's such a good reader.  Sheesh, apparently we let him read Ender's Game though.  But we thought it would be cool for him to read each book as he ages, like HP.

This weekend we also went to the Friends of the Library booksale on Day 1.  So everything was "Full Price" and we spent a record $50.  It was cool to let each kid grab about 5 books.  G chose this Sports Illustrated College Football book.  G loves to read books about college statistics, or any other data set, and then quiz us on it.  He's a great kid.  I love him.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

50th percentile

G has moved from <10 a="" br="" effect="" lingering="" was="" which="">
from loosing 1 year of growth while he was going through
chemo, and this year he is 50%.  Wow!  That's pretty great
because for the last 5 years we've been concerned.  2 years
ago the Dr. told Phillip, "He's going to be 5'6"." and Phillip was
not thrilled.  So I've been putting applesauce in the pancakes
and feeding G "Cake" that was really banana bread.
  One day we sent some "cake" to school and the teacher
said "Oh this is just like the banana bread my mom used to
make!"  We had a little laugh about how that was such a funny
coincidence!  Inside I was terrified he was on to me.  But it
wasn't until about a month ago that he figured it out.  And now
he says he loves sweet potato pancakes because they are so
soft.  Win!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

pay back

G was given a large amount of money so he would have enough to buy something we had asked him to buy.  He had $20 left over so he bought a toy as well.  We were pretty annoyed at this because in the past he's always given us the change.  So we thought he understood how we work...  So we took away the toy.  Then I decided to let him earn it by doing extra work.  He only earns $1 a week, so it was going to take a long time. 

So far he's pulled weeds for $0.75.  He's cleaned the bathroom for $2.00 (mirror, counter, sink, toilet, floor, tub!)  He also gave me all the money he had $3. 

Then he got M involved to earn the other half.  Poor girl.  She gave her $3.80, and has started to do extra jobs.  She also did weeds, but I'd given her cash for that.  Today she washed base boards.  Tomorrow she and G will give the dinning room chairs a good wash for $0.25 a piece. 

I'm glad for this learning opportunity.  I feel uncomfortable that I'm such a miser and don't just give the kids spending money.  I had too much allowance as a kid.  I didn't learn to clean.  I was mean to my family.  I bought a lot of candy and Cheetos...

G is having a great attitude about it.  I'm grateful to have great kids.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's interesting how people will look at G now and assume it's always been so easy or happy for him.  He went through cancer.  Then he went through years of isolation.  At the school for the Deaf he gained the confidence to approach other kids and self advocate.  It's only been in the last year that he's become so comfortable chatting it up with hearing kids too, and demanding of hearing adults... : )

We moved from G town because it was so painful to see him completely isolated from everyone at school, church and family.   Nobody could really appreciate how awesome he was except for the 2-3 people that could sign.

When we moved here he was never invited to hearing kids birthday parties or anything until he turned 8 and was in cub scouts.  He was included in celebrations for deaf kids.  That's why we moved here.  At church there are 2 children his age that are deaf.  These 3 kids are the biggest group of deaf lds children we've ever found in visiting 4 other units, and asking about others.  Most deaf units have deaf adults.  But since 90% of deaf children have hearing adults, their parents just mainstream them for school and church. 

When we moved here G's kindergarten class was 5 boys.  And he had a male teacher!  What an amazing change, to suddenly have so many peers.  Each year the class has gotten bigger.  I'm so grateful that we were able and willing to move and make this possible for G.

He's such a confident kid.  I love that.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

I would like...

Today G had a field trip to the news station.  He's in a drama group at school and this year they have been filming news segments.  They were given a tour of the news studio and took a picture with one of the reporters.
On the way home G's van stopped at Publix to get some cupcakes.  The students would be having a pizza party when they got back.  While they were at the bakery G asked his friends in sign "What kind of cookie would you like?"  Then he voiced to the bakery worker "I would like 3 chocolate chip cookies." 

When he told me this story I asked him if he had said "May I please have..." and he said "No."  You can't win them all I suppose.  But he used his skills to get his friends cookies.  He said they were impressed.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Social G

Thank goodness G is so outgoing and not socially conscious of being different.  He just jabbers on with the other boys in his cub scout troop.  Over the last 4 years his relationship with the hearing kids has really evolved.  He's not as close to any of them as he'd like, but he's also P's son and sort of not bothered by that.  P never had friends per se until he joined Gator Band. 

But he's my son and seems to be happy to just jump in and say "Can I play?" whenever he sees a kid on the playground with something to throw.  Growing up as a very athletic girl, I just always played the competitive sports with the boys.  I was even team captain often.

I've heard of kids with hearing aids being self conscious.  They notice people staring and cover them up.  We've modeled for G that you just look back at them.  And answer their questions if they have any.  "They're hearing aids.  They help him hear.  Just like glasses help people see." usually works well for grownups and adults.  G is usually just annoyed, mildly, for pursuing it.

P took the boys (Both!) to the Father's and Son's camp-out.  G had tons of fun running around playing ball with boys from  the stake he's never met before.
The other night B went in and snuggled up with G and went to bed.  Sweet brothers.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Big kid

G is 10 now.  I've let him go into small, 1 room, stores about 5 times now.  He does a great job of going in and not getting kidnapped.  He usually finds what I've sent him in for, pays for it and comes right out.

This week B was sick and kept missing his nap because of errands.  So on Wednesday when he was asleep in the car and we needed cheese, I asked G to go into a bigger store.  It's a Save a Lot, which is a small grocery store that we go to often.  His main concern was that I send him with enough money.  He noticed that the price in the fridge was different from the price that the cheese rang up for.   He also found the cheapest pepperoni pizza to buy for himself.  I'd given him permission to buy the bigger one for $2.50.  But he got the store brand party pizza for $0.99.  The cashier did ask him if his mom was in the car.  And he told her "Yes."

Today he took lP out and taught her how to ride a 2 wheeled bike.  She's had a push bike for about a year now.  But I didn't figure she was anywhere near ready to learn to peddle.  Hurray for G.  He's such a great brother.

Also, he's made cookies, biscuits, and pancakes this week.  And he cooked his own party pizza.  Awesomeness.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

double digit multiplication

G has the high stakes testing coming up soon.  He is also bringing home math homework lately.  And it's hit the point where I need to help, and I can't remember how to do these functions.  The last two days he had to do long worksheets with word problems that had addition, subtraction, multiplication and division combined.  Last night we tried to finish a problem that was actually straight up algebra.  It was a division problem with 7 letters representing 7 digits, and only 1 quantity was known.  So by trial and error we realized the problem was impossible.  So we took it to our resident math teacher.  P researched it and found that the alignment of the problem was off, so the problem was in fact impossible.  But if you know to change the alignment, you can solve the problem. 

But last night was scouts, so we didn't get the homework done, because we're not that kind of family.  But also, we do have 2-3 hours in the morning to hang out and do our homeschooling.  So the math would get done.  G woke up in a terrible mood screaming something incomprehensible.  Eventually we asked him to slow down and we understood that he was screaming "Math is killing me!"  He hid under a blanket for 40 minutes and then popped up like a daffodil through the snow.  He gobbled up lots of pancake balls and then got to work on the math. 

We solved the mystery problem.  I say we, because I wrote everything out and he told me what to write.  He was able to do the other 2 problems himself. 

I'm grateful that G can go to some school.  I'm grateful that some things are hard and he is learning to overcome them.  And I'm grateful that our lifestyle accommodates thinking about a problem, sleeping on it, waking up grumpy about it, and plenty of time to deal with it before he goes to school.

Lastly, I'm grateful Grandma L lets up borrow her pancake ball pan.   I mean, really you can take on the world after a breakfast like this.


I wanted to make jam, and like always, I realized I didn't have quite enough sugar.  Rather than go to the store I asked G to calculate ...