Wednesday, August 19, 2015

pay back

G was given a large amount of money so he would have enough to buy something we had asked him to buy.  He had $20 left over so he bought a toy as well.  We were pretty annoyed at this because in the past he's always given us the change.  So we thought he understood how we work...  So we took away the toy.  Then I decided to let him earn it by doing extra work.  He only earns $1 a week, so it was going to take a long time. 

So far he's pulled weeds for $0.75.  He's cleaned the bathroom for $2.00 (mirror, counter, sink, toilet, floor, tub!)  He also gave me all the money he had $3. 

Then he got M involved to earn the other half.  Poor girl.  She gave her $3.80, and has started to do extra jobs.  She also did weeds, but I'd given her cash for that.  Today she washed base boards.  Tomorrow she and G will give the dinning room chairs a good wash for $0.25 a piece. 

I'm glad for this learning opportunity.  I feel uncomfortable that I'm such a miser and don't just give the kids spending money.  I had too much allowance as a kid.  I didn't learn to clean.  I was mean to my family.  I bought a lot of candy and Cheetos...

G is having a great attitude about it.  I'm grateful to have great kids.

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