Sunday, April 9, 2017


G was dressed like the lighthouse the other day as we were taking pictures at the water.  One of his requirements for scouts is to take pictures of 10 animals in the area.  It's been fun to go on walks with him and visit the neighbor to take pictures of wildlife.

G is traveling to DC for a reading competition.  His trip to NY for a math competition was canceled because of bad weather.  Middle school is an exciting time with a lot of opportunities to meet and compete with other students.  He'll also be in a vocabulary challenge in a few weeks.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


G likes to set alarms on his watch or phone.  He imagines that the vibrating alarms will wake him up.  Recently he set 5 alarms from 7:00am-7:15am.  On day 1 this woke up dad who threw the phone in the yard.  Saturday and Sunday the alarm wasn't set to go off.  Yesterday the alarm woke me on a day that I was exhausted from waking in the night with the little ones.  Similarly today, it woke me and I was super not happy about it.  I got up and slapped G's leg to get him up.  I told him to give me his phone.  I turned off the alarms and proceeded on a tiring day with the baby who had also been waken by the alarms. 

A little while later I realized I didn't know where my watch was with my own alarm set for 7:30.  I didn't find it in time to keep it from waking P who put it on the kitchen counter.  D'oh!

Later when I realize the need to forgive as I hoped to be forgiven for my own thoughtlessness, I told G not to set alarms.  I explained that he was setting up a Rube Goldberg machine where he sets off an alarm to wake the parents that will then wake him up.  And I explained that his parents really didn't like this cycle.  So if he wanted to stop being waken by angry parents, he needed to stop setting alarms.  If he wants us to wake him up, he should ask us to set our own alarms.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

hard things

G is having a hard time with his online class.  This module has 16 pages with 5 practice questions on each page solving multi-variable equations.  It's ridiculously more hard than previous modules.  He got stuck thinking he had to finish it before having computer time, so he just spun his wheels.  I've been doing the problems along with him.  It's been fun helping each other through mistakes.  We often forget to add a +/- sign or put down the wrong number when we're re-writing the equation.  It takes us about an hour to get through 2 pages!  One of the nights, he went to bed, then proceeded to stay up until midnight reading.  The next day he was grumpy and didn't get any work done.  He said that everyone else has it easier than him and that we don't love him because we won't just let him play all day...  I hope we finish the module tonight and he knows the material well enough to move on.  This is really teaching him that sometimes you can only do part of the work, then rest and try to do more the next day, and the next.  He's used to having it be easy. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

catching up on cuddles

This past week I've needed to lay down with L at night to get him to sleep.  G has been taking the opportunity to come get some cuddles.  For years the girls have demanded cuddles at bedtime.  I give a lot of cuddles!  I'm so glad to catch up with some cuddle time with G.  I don't know if we've cuddled since M was born sadly.  It's a classic case of squeaky wheel and such.  He has been requesting massages for the last year.  So I guess he hasn't been missing out so bad.

I feel like I just barely see him through the day with all the other children demanding so much attention.  We wake up, and briefly discuss what we'll have for breakfast, then G is off reading.  Then it's hustle to school and "go do your work" so they can have computer time.  Then it's dinner time before we know it and activities and bedtime.  I need to get some more routines that get me off the computer and having more real face time with the children.

For the first time in my life I'm looking forward to DST and going to the park in the evening.  L is getting so good on the playground, I can play catch with G more.

G is on a soccer team, math team, book team, scouts and life in general.  He's busy!  He has always had a great attitude and enjoyed just participating without being too concerned with winning or self consciousness.   He's had a few incidents recently of getting upset with his math, or lost socks.  He's learning that it's better to go read a book or better yet; sleep, than fight with his parents.  AMEN!

Today as he tried to check in on the blogs and found nothing new he said "Mom, can you go write some more things about us?" 

G loves to carry L and B.  Too bad his parents don't believe in kids carrying kids.  We just don't want people to get hurt and so we try to avoid things like kids getting top heavy and dropping a sibling.  Another dangerous thing we avoid is swimming with alligators. 

G continues to read a wide array of books and is pleased to have reached the gold reading level.  The challenge is to find books that are safe for a 12 year old who reads like a 12th grader.  G has been reading some classics like "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" series.  P plans to read a really good series with G called "The queens Thief."

G recently read a book version of "Galaxy Quest" and I hear it was awesome.  I took the littles to the park so G and M, who also read the book, could watch the movie.  Today as G was re-reading the book at church... Bro. C used a line from the movie in his talk.

"Never give up!  Never surrender!"

Sunday, February 12, 2017


G is taking a course online.  I ask him to take notes for each unit.  He resists this about once a month.  It gets ugly.  We realize he has been not doing the notes for several days.  He sees he's gotten away with it for several days and is more mad that we are on to his game.

G is a smart kid.  We're trying to teach him good skills for writing things down that will help him be even better at academic activities.  I hope he'll learn.
There was a partial lunar eclipse on Friday.  As we drove home from soccer G tried to take pictures out the window.  He was so happy and exclaimed "Oh this one's perfect!" again and again.  The lunar eclipse didn't end up being very dramatic, but I really enjoyed G's enthusiasm.  He's a great boy and I love how he adds to our lives with his joy and good attitude.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


This is a picture of G from his last pinewood derby race 2 years ago.  G never won first place and over the 3 years he was in the program, he only won a hand full of races.  We don't have a ban saw and so G just sawed the wedge shape himself every year with a hand saw.  The year pictured was the most smooth, he got to spraypaint it after he'd sanded it within an inch of it's life.  Then he decopaged these lego pictures from his magazine onto it.  He'd cut so much off of it that it did need quite a lot of metal added onto it to get it up to weight.  Phillip melted pennies into the bottom of it.  See we're not so mean as to let his car just be under weight. 

G has a tremendous ego.  He is very confident and I like to think we've helped him out be giving him so many opportunities to fail.  He's a great kid.  His lot in life is hard.  He has to work harder than most kids.  And most of the time his attitude is up for the task.

The multiple doctors told me this week that my children are amazing and well behaved.  Yay!  It's been that kind of multiple doctor visit week.  Three to be exact!

Sunday, January 1, 2017


G turned 12 on and got ordained last week.  He passed the sacrament today for 2 sacrament services in his smart long sleeve shirt, gator tye-dye tie, and angel Moroni tie pin.  He knew what to do and was very smooth about it.  I'm so pleased with this young man.

Yesterday we had the deaf families over and it was great.  Unfortunately G was upset that we were upset with him so he didn't come out for the entire party.  While everyone else was helping with last minute preparations, G kept asking for us to fix a toy car.  I kept telling him we were busy and now wasn't a good time.  Finally I was done with preparations, but by that point P was fed up with G's pestering, so he told G that the final answer was "no" for the day.  G didn't like that.

Later G kept trying to help B during his computer turn and B would scream.  So G kept getting sent to his room.  I hope he learns to stop bugging people.  I hope he learns the difference between persistence and pestering.