Saturday, November 4, 2017


With G home full time it's fun making time to take him on special outings.

 The instructors gave us really great tips for how to handle the paddle and use our core instead of just our arms.
 It was really fun to see the creek and spend time with G.
  He wore his CI in the water proof pouch so he could hear but it was muffled and had static... 
We were really living the life.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

full time home time

The director at G's school recently told us that he needs to be full time or leave school.  This was after more than a month of telling us that he just needed to enroll and could still have a part time schedule.  G has had a wonderful 6.2 years at the school.  We love the school and we disagree with this decision.  So for now we'll plan for G to be homeschooled full time.  In some ways this is yet more unexpected liberty.  We can just plan our adventures for the day rather than working around G's schedule and feeling bad about leaving him out of things.

G is a great kid and it's very sad that someone has decided that we were breaking rules.  Our state has very inclusive homeschool laws allowing homeschoolers to attend their district school for 2 classes and or services like speech.  Occasionally the school has said "we're not your district school so we don't have to give you anything." which is true, but G is eligible to attend.  It's not like he's a hearing child that wants to go just to take advantage of the wonderful electives.  That is actually why he wants to be in school if we can work it out. 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

ups and downs

G's audiology Dr. wanted us to have a mole behind his hear checked out.  We found a pediatric dermatologist in Jtown and had a great experience.  She saw G quickly with no need of referral and biopsied 2 moles on his first appointment.  2 weeks later we returned to get a clear bill health and no co-pay for the 2nd visit.  Very nice!  I am so grateful for Dr.s and appreciate when visiting them is easy, reasonable in expense, and cancer free!
G got to go work with Helping Hands 3 times.  The first time he worked with P and grandpa S. 
The next day M and I took him on an early Sunday morning.  G was not so enthusiastic.  He wanted to be taken home.  Then the angel from SC brought out doughnuts.  It's amazing the change of heart it wrought in G.  Then Sister S brought pizza for lunch.  G was really into this gig, even though he also thought it was a good idea to tackle M into a pile of debris, and got in trouble for it. 

So this week he asked to go and was very willing to go.  He didn't get doughnuts or pizza but he said he still had a good time.

Monday, August 14, 2017

big summer

G wen to a summer camp in Rochester, NY all by himself.  I put him on a plane and he went.  I'm so glad he's very confident and independent.  On the way to camp he flew as an unaccompanied minor which was a relief when a 1 hour delay at LAX became a 4 hour delay...  He will have to add more detail to what he did at camp.  I do know he built a computer and it got shipped to the house.  Nice!

Sunday, August 13, 2017


We found this cool art at the Museum of medical history.  One of the cool things about doing ASL is how it connects us to hundreds and potentially thousands of people.  This world is so big and there are so many people we come in contact with daily.  It's nice to have a little something to have in common with others.

G is starting 7th grade at the deaf middle school.  He'll be there for lunch, vocational (cooking), PE, language arts and science.  He'll be able to ride the bus home.  Awesome!  The bus will drop him off in the neighborhood across the 40mph road, but still very close to our home.  So he just has to cross that road and then he's good.

Going to registration is always fun.  Seeing the other kids and their parents is nice.  Meeting G's teachers and just being in that space with him is special to me.  I'm grateful for this good young man and look forward to him having a great year.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

This guy

P has taught G to mow the lawn.  I asked him today if he would mow the rest of the lawn and he just got up and put on his socks and shoes with a perky "OK mom!"  P went out periodically to tell G to come in and drink some water.  When G came in the last time he said "Lawnmower's out of gas."  I gave him an ice cream cone.  What a great kid.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Iron Man

This week G told me that his church clothes were wrinkled.  They had sat in a laundry basket too long and yes, they were wrinkled.  I told him I'd teach him to iron them.  He reminded me a few times but finally this morning we got out the ironing board and learned to iron.  I ironed one half of the pants, then he did the other leg.  Next the shirt, I did one sleeve, then he did the other.  I ironed one side of the front, then flipped it over and he did the other.  He accidentally made a crease in the other side so we had to bust out the steam power.  He ironed the back himself and then the shoulders. 

There have been many times in the past when G's church clothes were wrinkled from being left on the floor in his closet all week.  I'm glad I didn't get too stressed.  And I'm super glad that at 12 he decided to care enough to remind me repeatedly that it needed to be done.  And I'm very glad that I took the time to teach him.  I wouldn't plan to let him do it himself soon since having him accidentally leave a hot iron within arms reach of L, to whom everything is within arms reach(!), is a price he is not old enough to own.  Yikes!

G had a great day yesterday.  When I asked him to clean things, he did.  When I asked him to put away the utensils, he did.  And when I asked him if he was ready to mow the lawn he said "Yes" and put on his shoes.  I need to treasure that day, and this one.  Sometimes kids have bad days.  But sometimes they have glorious days.