Wednesday, May 29, 2019


We went to see a community variety show last night.  L made one of those terrible burps that told me his stomach was not happy.  I asked G to take him to the car.  G took the keys and L and walked quietly outside.  Then after the next number G came in alone and said "L needs you".  I was worried about where L might be but then I found that he was just outside the door and had thrown up on the concrete. 

I was proud of G for getting L outside, staying with him, and coming back in between numbers.  I'm proud that he didn't scream and run in with L.  I'm proud of him for discretely letting me know L needed me.  Good job G.

So I sent G inside to sit with the other children while I cleaned up L's mess.  Oye.  Gross. 

Way to go G.  You handled that stressful situation so well.

Sunday, April 7, 2019


G's team came in 4th out of 45 teams nationally.  Individually he came in 11th out of 165 participants.  That boy.

Friday, April 5, 2019

New York

G is on a trip to NY for the math competition at RIT/NITD.  P woke up at 1:45AM to drive G to school by 2:30AM and they are currently at a layover in NYC.  I got a notification about a gate change and was reminded that he's not just 7 miles away at school.  He is hundreds of miles away in an airport and it is 33 degrees outside where he is.

I love G and hope he has a great trip.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Global Pursuit

Today we achieved a long time wish of mine to play Global Pursuit with the children.  M and G played with me and it was nice how fast the play was.  G knew every answer even the level 3 ones.  I was jealous but able to switch my perspective to be pleased that he knows so much.  That's my son!  I always felt so dumb playing that game with my older siblings.  That's life.  But it's also perspective. 

I'm grateful that playing group solitaire with the P family has helped me just enjoy being a part of the game.  I have won maybe 2 games in the 20 years I have known the P family.  I know the rules, and I enjoy being included and that is enough.

This week G goes to NY for a math competition.  He's had a few upsets this year.  The Battle of the Books team didn't make it to nationals.  He got 2nd place at deafinition after winning it the last 2 years.  As he goes to NY for the math competition (flying out at 3:30AM!) I hope he remembers to have a good time meeting other smart kids and just to enjoy the experience.

As Rachel Coleman says "We win because we play."

Sunday, March 24, 2019


G is cultivating a taste in music and sharing it with the family.  He loves Imagine Dragons and The Score.  I think his first music fascination was with Lindsey Sterling.  He has a collection of songs on his blackberry phone.  He uses his quatro device to connect the phone to the car stereo to share the music with everyone else.  All the children love G's music.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


I've been hoping G would get interested in coding for a while.  It seems like a fun puzzle and creative work.  I enjoyed coding when I was in HS back in the 90s! 

Today G got enthusiastic about coding and I was surprised but should not have been surprised that G found his desire to code spurred by creating music videos with figures dancing to his favorite music.

G loves music possibly more than any of the other children.  He is very proactive about cultivating his own play lists and having access on his device (blackberry phone). 

Even at the age of 3 G would follow along with the Wiggles dance moves.  I have some awesome videos of him dancing.

I'm grateful G has so many things he is good at. 


We went to see a community variety show last night.  L made one of those terrible burps that told me his stomach was not happy.  I asked G t...