Monday, August 14, 2017

big summer

G wen to a summer camp in Rochester, NY all by himself.  I put him on a plane and he went.  I'm so glad he's very confident and independent.  On the way to camp he flew as an unaccompanied minor which was a relief when a 1 hour delay at LAX became a 4 hour delay...  He will have to add more detail to what he did at camp.  I do know he built a computer and it got shipped to the house.  Nice!

Sunday, August 13, 2017


We found this cool art at the Museum of medical history.  One of the cool things about doing ASL is how it connects us to hundreds and potentially thousands of people.  This world is so big and there are so many people we come in contact with daily.  It's nice to have a little something to have in common with others.

G is starting 7th grade at the deaf middle school.  He'll be there for lunch, vocational (cooking), PE, language arts and science.  He'll be able to ride the bus home.  Awesome!  The bus will drop him off in the neighborhood across the 40mph road, but still very close to our home.  So he just has to cross that road and then he's good.

Going to registration is always fun.  Seeing the other kids and their parents is nice.  Meeting G's teachers and just being in that space with him is special to me.  I'm grateful for this good young man and look forward to him having a great year.


I wanted to make jam, and like always, I realized I didn't have quite enough sugar.  Rather than go to the store I asked G to calculate ...