Thursday, March 19, 2015

Big kid

G is 10 now.  I've let him go into small, 1 room, stores about 5 times now.  He does a great job of going in and not getting kidnapped.  He usually finds what I've sent him in for, pays for it and comes right out.

This week B was sick and kept missing his nap because of errands.  So on Wednesday when he was asleep in the car and we needed cheese, I asked G to go into a bigger store.  It's a Save a Lot, which is a small grocery store that we go to often.  His main concern was that I send him with enough money.  He noticed that the price in the fridge was different from the price that the cheese rang up for.   He also found the cheapest pepperoni pizza to buy for himself.  I'd given him permission to buy the bigger one for $2.50.  But he got the store brand party pizza for $0.99.  The cashier did ask him if his mom was in the car.  And he told her "Yes."

Today he took lP out and taught her how to ride a 2 wheeled bike.  She's had a push bike for about a year now.  But I didn't figure she was anywhere near ready to learn to peddle.  Hurray for G.  He's such a great brother.

Also, he's made cookies, biscuits, and pancakes this week.  And he cooked his own party pizza.  Awesomeness.

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