Monday, May 18, 2015

Social G

Thank goodness G is so outgoing and not socially conscious of being different.  He just jabbers on with the other boys in his cub scout troop.  Over the last 4 years his relationship with the hearing kids has really evolved.  He's not as close to any of them as he'd like, but he's also P's son and sort of not bothered by that.  P never had friends per se until he joined Gator Band. 

But he's my son and seems to be happy to just jump in and say "Can I play?" whenever he sees a kid on the playground with something to throw.  Growing up as a very athletic girl, I just always played the competitive sports with the boys.  I was even team captain often.

I've heard of kids with hearing aids being self conscious.  They notice people staring and cover them up.  We've modeled for G that you just look back at them.  And answer their questions if they have any.  "They're hearing aids.  They help him hear.  Just like glasses help people see." usually works well for grownups and adults.  G is usually just annoyed, mildly, for pursuing it.

P took the boys (Both!) to the Father's and Son's camp-out.  G had tons of fun running around playing ball with boys from  the stake he's never met before.
The other night B went in and snuggled up with G and went to bed.  Sweet brothers.

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