Thursday, October 8, 2015

50th percentile

G has moved from <10 a="" br="" effect="" lingering="" was="" which="">
from loosing 1 year of growth while he was going through
chemo, and this year he is 50%.  Wow!  That's pretty great
because for the last 5 years we've been concerned.  2 years
ago the Dr. told Phillip, "He's going to be 5'6"." and Phillip was
not thrilled.  So I've been putting applesauce in the pancakes
and feeding G "Cake" that was really banana bread.
  One day we sent some "cake" to school and the teacher
said "Oh this is just like the banana bread my mom used to
make!"  We had a little laugh about how that was such a funny
coincidence!  Inside I was terrified he was on to me.  But it
wasn't until about a month ago that he figured it out.  And now
he says he loves sweet potato pancakes because they are so
soft.  Win!

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