Thursday, February 19, 2015

double digit multiplication

G has the high stakes testing coming up soon.  He is also bringing home math homework lately.  And it's hit the point where I need to help, and I can't remember how to do these functions.  The last two days he had to do long worksheets with word problems that had addition, subtraction, multiplication and division combined.  Last night we tried to finish a problem that was actually straight up algebra.  It was a division problem with 7 letters representing 7 digits, and only 1 quantity was known.  So by trial and error we realized the problem was impossible.  So we took it to our resident math teacher.  P researched it and found that the alignment of the problem was off, so the problem was in fact impossible.  But if you know to change the alignment, you can solve the problem. 

But last night was scouts, so we didn't get the homework done, because we're not that kind of family.  But also, we do have 2-3 hours in the morning to hang out and do our homeschooling.  So the math would get done.  G woke up in a terrible mood screaming something incomprehensible.  Eventually we asked him to slow down and we understood that he was screaming "Math is killing me!"  He hid under a blanket for 40 minutes and then popped up like a daffodil through the snow.  He gobbled up lots of pancake balls and then got to work on the math. 

We solved the mystery problem.  I say we, because I wrote everything out and he told me what to write.  He was able to do the other 2 problems himself. 

I'm grateful that G can go to some school.  I'm grateful that some things are hard and he is learning to overcome them.  And I'm grateful that our lifestyle accommodates thinking about a problem, sleeping on it, waking up grumpy about it, and plenty of time to deal with it before he goes to school.

Lastly, I'm grateful Grandma L lets up borrow her pancake ball pan.   I mean, really you can take on the world after a breakfast like this.

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