Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When you enter the world on Christmas Day, is it any wonder that your life proceeds with one miracle after another?

G P started the day going to a 4 month old“well baby visit,” the day ended in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit where he was diagnosed with infant leukemia (ALL).

For the next month, G lived with his parents on the Pediatric floor, receiving the intense Induction of what would be 1 year of chemotherapy.

The treatment came in cycles, one week in the hospital 10 days at home. More often, within a week of discharge G would be back in with a neutropenic fever, requiring a 7 day round of potent IV antibiotics.

Mom and Dad missed many experiences associated with baby’s first year. For his safety, G was isolated from other children, parks, stores, and church. When he finally got to ride on a park swing, it was a big deal.

With a total of 123 nights in the hospital, 8 nights in the ER, 14 surgeries under general anesthesia, 19 blood transfusions, and volumes of chemotherapy drugs, G made it to his 2nd birthday happy and strong.

We're coming up on his 4th birthday and he is still amazing and healthy

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