Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Total Communication

G is great.

He had to give a talk on Sunday but we had lost the slip that said what it should be on. Last week was school registration and we were watching a friend's daughter because she had to work the registration. So I'm glad the only thing that got lost was that slip of paper. Anyway, when Sunday morning came and we still hadn't found out what he should talk on I was worried. As primary was starting I asked the president what the topic was and she told me. I ran off to get a pencil and paper and wrote him out a talk. When it was his turn he stood up at the podium and I walked up with his talk. I pointed to each word to help him pace. He stood up straight and signed and spoke it great.

Yesterday at school he told his principal "I can speak and sign at the same time. I can do both."

Geoff is great.

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