Tuesday, May 8, 2012

sweet words

G has been doing a good job of listening.  More often, when I call out his name, he says "Yes mom?"

Recently I complimented him for listening so well and he told me "I can hear you why?  Because I have  a CI, it's the best thing in the world."  It was sweet, and I know he didn't get told that at school.

I have this difficulty feeling joy at the success of his CI.  It's like survivors guilt and worse because the actual threat to his life, that he survived, I have no guilt about that.  So I feel ashamed that I didn't fully accept him apparently.

Last week in the car he was telling me that someone gave him a sticker because he was hearing.  I asked him if he was hearing or deaf.  "Both!"  he emphatically said/signed.  It was adorable.  I love him so much and am proud of how he continues to put up with all the hoops.

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Papa Johns Pizza

An the Crust was so soft I was like "What is this whitchery!?"