Monday, August 13, 2012

Crying and more Crying

We knew we'd have to take G's teeth out.  The question was if it was going to be a home job or done by the dentist in Gainesville.  So finally we got them out at home.   So much fuss and anxiety.  But in the end hopefully less traumatic because it was us, not strangers holding him down.  And us comforting him, instead of strangers keeping him from us until he was calmed down enough.
 Tonight for FHE I took leave of our usual lesson material and read this article from the friend.  "Elevator Prayers"

I was getting a little emotional as the story talked about a child needing weekly blood tests.  And a little more emotional when G said "Just like me!"

So we kept going with tears going down my face.  When we got to the point where the little boy gets stuck in the elevator alone (one of my personal fears) I paused and G said "You have the spirit in you."

I couldn't tell if P was as moved as I was, but I'm pretty sure he was.  G is an amazing little boy. 

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