Saturday, March 26, 2016

Better than nothing

G schooled me on good attitude recently.  He's spent many hours on computer and, as always, was feeling entitled and grumpy when I told him to get off.  So he spent some time in his room.  When he came out I asked him to make some brownies.  He accidentally put 1 cup water in the mix instead of 1/4th cup.  Oops.  I didn't get too upset, but I asked him why he didn't read the recipe or do what he'd done in the past...  He said "Hey, it's better than nothing."  And he was right.  The brownies have the consistency of yorkshire pudding, but they are in fact better than nothing.  We ate them with ice cream and lP was the most enthusiastic. 

I'm pleased that G could recover his attitude and not get too discouraged about the brownies.  And I'm glad to know that it's going to be OK.

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