Thursday, May 5, 2016


Little G is growing up.  But not very fast.  : )  We were able to sign G and M up for a basketball league that is all signing kids.  G's group is grade 5-8 and he's the smallest.  It's been such a great opportunity.  I'm so glad they could do it.

A friend at church invited G to a birthday party on Saturday.  The mom was talking to me about how they would carve out a special part of the party where G could attend for food and football.  The rest of the party would mostly involve video games rated Teen.  Oh, life.  Fortunately G has a basketball game and won't be able to attend.  I am grateful the mom understood that we don't play violent games and that she was interested in creating a space for G.  I love that family.  I hope their boys turn out ok.  But we obviously have different opinions on what is appropriate for kids media.

I am so grateful that G lets us keep him young.  He still watches a lot of shows that are targeted at a younger audience.  While many boys are getting into violent and misogynistic media G is still playing games that are appropriate for all of our children.

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