Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Do the notes!

 G is doing great in his math course.  P has his math courses mapped out to achieve maximum points on the PSAT when G is that age.  I grew up in a family that was very fixed mind set.  We were smart and if we had to study, that meant we weren't actually smart.  Oh, so terrible!  My older siblings loved to tease one another and vie for rank in intelligence. 

I know now that hard work and effort make a huge impact on ability.  My children are learning that they can do hard things.  Their brains are muscles and they need exercise. 

G is taking this math course and doing a module every night.  There are notes for most of the modules.  G thinks that if he can get 100% without taking the notes that is proof that he didn't need to take the notes.  What he doesn't know is that learning to take notes is more important than the math he is learning.  When he takes the tests he will be able to use the notes to remind himself of things that were obvious while he was doing each module, but that he may have forgotten by the time of the test.  And more importantly, when you write something down, your brain makes more connections.  I read that students who type their notes have lower retention of the information than students who take notes by hand.  The brain is amazing!

"The notes are just a suggestion!"  cries G.  Sorry G.  The notes are not optional.  They are critical.

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