Sunday, December 4, 2016


G is on a 3 person team at school for the Battle of the Books.  They read 3 books then answer trivia about those books.  On Thursday they competed with 3 other deaf schools.  He's all about the stats.  Their team won 2 rounds and tied the 3rd.  He told me the tie will become a win because the team they tied, lost to a team they beat.

G's Math class is going well.  He is eager to get on and do his work every night.  I love his motivation to do a great job.  I'm sure it helps that he doesn't get bonus computer time if he doesn't take the notes and get 100%...  I'm glad he's having this chance to see how excellent he can be and learn good study habits as well.

G graduated from speech therapy recently.  I'm hoping to take that hour and make time to go to the beach this winter.  I love walking on the beach.  We are so blessed to live in this beautiful area.

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