Sunday, July 16, 2017

Iron Man

This week G told me that his church clothes were wrinkled.  They had sat in a laundry basket too long and yes, they were wrinkled.  I told him I'd teach him to iron them.  He reminded me a few times but finally this morning we got out the ironing board and learned to iron.  I ironed one half of the pants, then he did the other leg.  Next the shirt, I did one sleeve, then he did the other.  I ironed one side of the front, then flipped it over and he did the other.  He accidentally made a crease in the other side so we had to bust out the steam power.  He ironed the back himself and then the shoulders. 

There have been many times in the past when G's church clothes were wrinkled from being left on the floor in his closet all week.  I'm glad I didn't get too stressed.  And I'm super glad that at 12 he decided to care enough to remind me repeatedly that it needed to be done.  And I'm very glad that I took the time to teach him.  I wouldn't plan to let him do it himself soon since having him accidentally leave a hot iron within arms reach of L, to whom everything is within arms reach(!), is a price he is not old enough to own.  Yikes!

G had a great day yesterday.  When I asked him to clean things, he did.  When I asked him to put away the utensils, he did.  And when I asked him if he was ready to mow the lawn he said "Yes" and put on his shoes.  I need to treasure that day, and this one.  Sometimes kids have bad days.  But sometimes they have glorious days.

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