Sunday, January 1, 2017


G turned 12 on and got ordained last week.  He passed the sacrament today for 2 sacrament services in his smart long sleeve shirt, gator tye-dye tie, and angel Moroni tie pin.  He knew what to do and was very smooth about it.  I'm so pleased with this young man.

Yesterday we had the deaf families over and it was great.  Unfortunately G was upset that we were upset with him so he didn't come out for the entire party.  While everyone else was helping with last minute preparations, G kept asking for us to fix a toy car.  I kept telling him we were busy and now wasn't a good time.  Finally I was done with preparations, but by that point P was fed up with G's pestering, so he told G that the final answer was "no" for the day.  G didn't like that.

Later G kept trying to help B during his computer turn and B would scream.  So G kept getting sent to his room.  I hope he learns to stop bugging people.  I hope he learns the difference between persistence and pestering.

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Papa Johns Pizza

An the Crust was so soft I was like "What is this whitchery!?"