Thursday, January 5, 2017


This is a picture of G from his last pinewood derby race 2 years ago.  G never won first place and over the 3 years he was in the program, he only won a hand full of races.  We don't have a ban saw and so G just sawed the wedge shape himself every year with a hand saw.  The year pictured was the most smooth, he got to spraypaint it after he'd sanded it within an inch of it's life.  Then he decopaged these lego pictures from his magazine onto it.  He'd cut so much off of it that it did need quite a lot of metal added onto it to get it up to weight.  Phillip melted pennies into the bottom of it.  See we're not so mean as to let his car just be under weight. 

G has a tremendous ego.  He is very confident and I like to think we've helped him out be giving him so many opportunities to fail.  He's a great kid.  His lot in life is hard.  He has to work harder than most kids.  And most of the time his attitude is up for the task.

The multiple doctors told me this week that my children are amazing and well behaved.  Yay!  It's been that kind of multiple doctor visit week.  Three to be exact!

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