Sunday, February 12, 2017


G is taking a course online.  I ask him to take notes for each unit.  He resists this about once a month.  It gets ugly.  We realize he has been not doing the notes for several days.  He sees he's gotten away with it for several days and is more mad that we are on to his game.

G is a smart kid.  We're trying to teach him good skills for writing things down that will help him be even better at academic activities.  I hope he'll learn.
There was a partial lunar eclipse on Friday.  As we drove home from soccer G tried to take pictures out the window.  He was so happy and exclaimed "Oh this one's perfect!" again and again.  The lunar eclipse didn't end up being very dramatic, but I really enjoyed G's enthusiasm.  He's a great boy and I love how he adds to our lives with his joy and good attitude.

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