Tuesday, March 28, 2017


G likes to set alarms on his watch or phone.  He imagines that the vibrating alarms will wake him up.  Recently he set 5 alarms from 7:00am-7:15am.  On day 1 this woke up dad who threw the phone in the yard.  Saturday and Sunday the alarm wasn't set to go off.  Yesterday the alarm woke me on a day that I was exhausted from waking in the night with the little ones.  Similarly today, it woke me and I was super not happy about it.  I got up and slapped G's leg to get him up.  I told him to give me his phone.  I turned off the alarms and proceeded on a tiring day with the baby who had also been waken by the alarms. 

A little while later I realized I didn't know where my watch was with my own alarm set for 7:30.  I didn't find it in time to keep it from waking P who put it on the kitchen counter.  D'oh!

Later when I realize the need to forgive as I hoped to be forgiven for my own thoughtlessness, I told G not to set alarms.  I explained that he was setting up a Rube Goldberg machine where he sets off an alarm to wake the parents that will then wake him up.  And I explained that his parents really didn't like this cycle.  So if he wanted to stop being waken by angry parents, he needed to stop setting alarms.  If he wants us to wake him up, he should ask us to set our own alarms.

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