Wednesday, March 8, 2017

hard things

G is having a hard time with his online class.  This module has 16 pages with 5 practice questions on each page solving multi-variable equations.  It's ridiculously more hard than previous modules.  He got stuck thinking he had to finish it before having computer time, so he just spun his wheels.  I've been doing the problems along with him.  It's been fun helping each other through mistakes.  We often forget to add a +/- sign or put down the wrong number when we're re-writing the equation.  It takes us about an hour to get through 2 pages!  One of the nights, he went to bed, then proceeded to stay up until midnight reading.  The next day he was grumpy and didn't get any work done.  He said that everyone else has it easier than him and that we don't love him because we won't just let him play all day...  I hope we finish the module tonight and he knows the material well enough to move on.  This is really teaching him that sometimes you can only do part of the work, then rest and try to do more the next day, and the next.  He's used to having it be easy. 

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