Sunday, May 24, 2009

4+2= 6!

The other day we were talking about chicken nuggets. G was having 4 and I wanted him to put out 2 more for M. He was stuck on the idea of 4, so it took me a while to convince him.

Late when dad came home I asked G to tell him how many chicken nuggets he ate. G said "6."
I said "no no, you ate 4 and M ate 2" then showed him 2 on one hand and 4 on the other. Bringing my hands together I changed it to 6 Magic! He really loved this and did it himself a few times. Awesome.

Then in a moment of speechless beauty G did his own expansion. He took 1 in one hand and 1 in the other and smacked them together, changing to 2. Wow. Amazingly he continued to smack 1 into the other, adding 1 to the other hand each time all the way up to 6. I don't know about you, but I think that is some pretty amazing abstract math skills for a 4 year old who has never been shown anything like that.

How do I know he hasn't practiced that every day at speech? It's unlikely that he's ever seen it before. And I'm his mom with him for all but 1 hour each day, so I get to be super proud of his abilities.

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