Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I understand the 9

Through the last 4 years my life has been touched daily by so many people for good, mercy and love. The burden of that gratitude is hard. When I stop to think of the kind doctors, nurses, friends, family, teachers and strangers I can't do anything. I think I should do more to express my gratitude, for I have been given much.

4 years ago we entered a vision (for it was neither nightmare nor dream) that has since changed how I look at my son, my husband and life. I'm grateful for things I never would have noticed. When I look back on how my husband dealt with everything, from weeks at home alone, to visiting us every night, and being the strong one for me, I am amazed to know him.

But I understand the 9 lepers who were caught up in their joy and release that they forgot to give thanks. It's almost like you run away from that which cured you because it's hard to be so grateful. It's hard to know you needed so much.

I think that's part of humility.

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