Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Super Guy "Guh!"

Speech therapy is one of the consuming activities of our lives. G has a few basic limitations that we always try to figure out. These sounds are most of the fricatives (f, th, ch, z...), guh, and the long e. So with these limitations, there are so many words that just don't come out clear, even in a focused therapy session.

Today I was trying to get him to say the guh, which he usually says as duh, and I held down the front of my tongue to show him that it is said with the back of the throat. Then I did the same to him and out popped a giggle and a perfect "guh." I was trilled and spent the next 5 minutes pestering him to do it again. Each time he did I either hugged him like crazy or threw my arms in the air in triumph. Using this technique I he is able to say his sister's name correctly and we will hopefully be able to get past this block on that sound.


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